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Some Humans Ain’t Human, Apologies To John Prine


I started this blog a couple of years ago for two reasons.  One was to shut my old high school friend’s, Anne Mitchell Whisnant’s, big yapper pestering me to do so ;-). The other, to give me further platform to placate my need to yell maddeningly into the great void about the horror of my own countrymen selling my country for scrap to a carnie madman born of an inbred plutocracy and seductively wrapped in a  monstrous bible-flag hybrid amalgam sentient skin around a Cletus Kassidy-level serial killing narcissist.   But I’ve found myself so disheartened and overwhelmed with the developments, or should I say “lack of”, over the last couple of years that I’ve lost my voice, so to speak.  Nobody gives a jack fuck.  Nobody.  I have grown hoarse for screaming and warning and have sadly  taken to the hypnotic and helpless, though sickly entertaining stare of watching bodies one after the other self-immolate in seething service to a demon of their own design.   If people insist on burning themselves alive and continue to refuse the water to save them, what can one do?  Then again, when said burning bodies set the rest of the house on fire and STILL nobody gives a fuck, well…how do you deal with that?  Anyone?  Bueller?

The appropriately named Carnage could not be a better nom de asswipe for one Donald J. Trump, America murderer.  That’s not a typo, kids.  I didn’t leave off the “n”.  Donald Trump IS a murderer of the highest order.  And given a different societal birth and status, he most assuredly would have been a literal one, I’ve no doubt.  Then again, can one be called a murderer if one allows said murderer to gut themselves while smiling into the face of the madman they have invited to do so?  To paraphrase John Prine, “A question ain’t really a question if you know the answer, too.”  Yeah.  Guess not.  But what DO you call the person you invite to murder you?  Apparently, here we call it “Mr. President”.  At any rate, Trump would have made a helluva different movie had he been in the Dan Aykroyd role in “Trading Places“. 

Two things happened today of huge, ground-swelling historical significance.  One of these was not here in America and was foreseen and braced for over some time:  BREXIT has finally taken effect.  The second, and arguably the more horrific, if not just the most anguished, is that the Senate, during the impeachment trial, voted to not allow witnesses during Trump’s impeachment “trial” in essence, ending the impeachment process.  In one fell swoop the American Senate washed their hands of Trump’s crimes, then did Pontius Pilate one better and gave him the throne completely, rather than a shitload of lashings.  Yeah.  Those things happened today and I’m feeling  the words fall flat even as I type them.

Let me try this again.  Today.  In the new cradle of democracy, in the very HEART of our nation’s constitutional body, at the very central node for all things America ever has and would ever be, at the nucleus of the machine that controls and gives birth to the very laws that give us our breath and sustenance…  At this command center of freedoms came the greatest blow to freedom that I believe our country has EVER given itself.  Not just willingly, but gleefully.  And far from overwhelmingly, which I’m not sure makes it better or worse.  But by a “vote” of  51-49.  Today, the scribes of our country knowingly and purposefully argued that one of the greatest crimes against our country would not only go unpunished, but that no one would be even given the opportunity to raise one hand against it. A trial was held and NO WITNESS WILL BE CALLED.  None.  NONE.  First, there was no trial, and then there was a trial, and then there was none…or something like that, my apologies to Donovan.  Not a single person will be allowed to even speak FOR, let alone against, the president in a trial about the president in the very chamber that allows the president to even fucking exist.   Today, law would not be practiced by lawmakers in the law factory of the one fucking country where law is held the most sacrosanct fucking thing in the world.  Well, next to Jesus and queer-bashing, anyway.

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It’s Official: John Bolton Won’t Testify Against Trump, and Neither Will Anyone Else

If you were looking for an exact moment to declare Democracy officially dead in America…you have your moment. THIS is the nadir…the fulcrum. Ground zero of the long-coming impact over the last years since 9/11. THIS marks the true death of our nation as a free country. As a republic. Today, we officially swore our allegiance to dictatorship. And that is no fucking joke. Today, we embraced servitude and plutocracy over freedom and self rule. Today, we openly embraced, not just tolerated, our subjugation to demagoguery.  Today, we sold ourselves out, not for 30 pieces of silver. But for the right of others to take all the silver they want, whenever they want, however they want.  

Today, we betrayed ourselves and earned the destruction to further come.  And yeah, it will.   Trump will be reelected. Our country will deteriorate deeper into madness and tailspin into a crumbled decay of past glory.  Today, we opened the door to the rest of the modern world taking over where we left off. Today, we saw the exact moment of the fall of Rome and welcomed in the Dark Ages, again. And we fucking LOVED it! 

How are the streets not swarming?  How are windows not being shattered and stores not being looted, dumpsters set on fire?   How are the streets clear and functional, weather permitting?  How are people standing in line bitching about the spelling of their names on their goddam coffee cups like it’s a regular fucking Friday before a goddam Super Bowl?  How are people downloading fucking commercials two days before said commercials are supposed to televise?  WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK IS FUCKING HAPPENING HERE!!!!!

I can’t.  I just can’t.  I just cannot bear another day of this madness.  I really cannot.   Did no one see what happened today?  Do we really just not fucking care in the least what happens anymore.  Do you not realize what we did?  We elected a king today.  We.  Elected. A.  King.  Right in the heart of “No More Kings” Grand Central Station.   Right there in the very chamber where we stab the beasts that threaten our democracy with dictatorship, we gave the gilded key to a gilded solipsist on a gilded throne.  Almost literally.  Almost.

Is anyone else crying right now?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  Anyone showing any king of emotion about having given away our democracy today?  So simply and so easily?  THIS is what we’re going to allow?  THIS is the path we want?  We desire THIS?  For the sickest, most disgusting, most nefarious of all of us, we are willing to allow this prima nocta against our liberty so this monster can bloody his fist just for the sick pleasure of it?  For the sake of cowards and thieves to continue their cowardice and thievery unabated, we drove the last nail into liberty.  And not one person today said a goddam thing.  Not one.  I mean, in real life.

I’ve lost friends and family over the last three years.  I’ve been questioned and accused and mocked.  I’ve been ignored and belittled and ostracized.  And I don’t mean ALL of it from the usual shit I do.  I mean specifically because of Trump’s presence in the White House.  And I have grown numb and voiceless from it.  I don’t have the eloquence of George Carlin or the balls of Bill Hicks or the nuance of Jon Stewart.  But goddam it, what the fuck already?  Do you need such powers of persuasion to simply point out a smoldering pile a shit so other people don’t step in it?  How the fuck was I to know I’d get bitch slapped while they decided to lie down in said pile of smoldering shit and rub in on their faces like a twisted parody of the mud scene in Python’s “Holy Grail”. 

God bless America. America is dead. Long live…whatever the fuck this is. But it damn sure ain’t that.   I don’t know what America can do after today.  Oh, I know WHAT it’ll do.  Same shit, different day.  Gorge, purge, repeat.  Whatever the pleasure or avarice.  It will suckle at the teat of inept complacency and double down whenever someone politely pokes them to “mind the gap”, bitches.  And when it does get sucked down onto the tracks and looks down to see itself severed at the knees, I’ll be goddam if I’m gonna cry on THAT fucking day or offer my hand.  Go fucking bury your faces in the coming Coliseum spectacular Sunday, folks. Nothing to see here but the dissolution of your government right from under your fat, retarded feet.  But what about those Doritos commercials, huh!? Funny stuff!  Funny stuff.  My apologies to John Prine.



A Quick Treatise As To Why Donald J. Trump Should Be Sentenced To Death, And I Fucking Mean That In The Most Literal Of Senses, I Fucking Shit You Not

That smug indifference.  

If this man is not hung as a traitor to not just his country but to mankind and civilization in general, then America is a failed experiment in democracy. Seriously.

Fostering, indulging and promoting fascist tyranny at a level that would have Joseph Goebbels asking him to “tone that shit down a skosh” can only illustrate how far America, and Americans, Christians and Conservatives specifically, have devolved, devoured and detoured our nation in a most disgusting and criminal manner. I’m not speaking metaphorically here in the slightest. If Nazi commanders and politicos were deserved of high treason and the penalties associated with such, including death, there is absolutely NO argument as to why Donald Trump, his administration, his party and his zealot horde should not be treated with the same punitive justice. None.

His criminality, while beyond imagination, is not beyond reproach. That a cult of similar minded hatemongerers champion him leaves little room for absolution on his part and much to malign on theirs. Believe me when I say with unwavering indefatigable resolve that Donald J. Trump has satisfied, in action, voice and merit, all that is required to convict him of hate crimes, treason, malfeasance, misuse of office, dereliction of duty, incompetence, misappropriations, ineptitude, rape, sexual assault, association with known criminals, theft by deception, theft by taking, hate speech, criminal consortium both foreign and domestic, money laundering, defrauding the government, fraud, violation of First Amendment Rights, false imprisonment, child slavery, abduction, kidnapping, misuse of government property, witness tampering, intimidation, etc. No joke. No hyperbole. Not laughing.  Not now.

History will no doubt look at this period as the critical mass of America’s democratic implosion, a “J-Curve” of overindulgent id that led to the peracute plunge of our societal aptitude and functionality as a free state. That we, the fallen, will in no way have any sway in the matter of that perception will fall on deaf ears and unseeing eyes, much as they are now, as the entire developed world continues growing and developing around us, while we sink deeper and deeper into this mire of our own making. We will/have become the laughingstock of the world, an also-ran in the columns of “great civilizations that could have been”, while all of Scandinavia, China, Japan and a few other hold outs usurp our former roles and functions as leader(s) of the free world.

Watching proud idiots piss away their own rights, sell out their own country and abandon their own faiths to throw in with a pilfering narcissist and his vacuous cohorts and his lecherous family for their own guilty pleasures affords me little hope of a return to sanity and cohesiveness in America. What W. exploited and exposed, what the election of Obama then woefully instigated, has only led to a mass suicide pact with no more than what amounts to these slack-jawed simpletons’ united efforts to endorse aggressive ignorance and willful hate, simply for the fun of it. Simply for the bloodlust satisfaction of their twisted, hateful minds.

The rings of Vietnam-era “love it or leave it” punctuate anew as a euphemistic non-sequitur du jour renewed in the venom of today’s neo-fascist, aka, the American Conservative. How little the Right truly understands about country. About patriotism. About self. That they fail to do so under the banners of God, family and country only serve to underscore how truly ironic and pathetic their platitudes of stupidity, misbelieved as rites of vindication, are. Laughable, if they weren’t so woefully and scarily real. Hilarious, if they didn’t results in the sickness the proliferates wildly in real time, real world America.

That Conservatives and Christians have to invent their own demons in order to look brave fighting them is no great surprise or mystery to those of us well past the need to explain life in monosyllabic grunts and pointed gestures. That such intentional and egregious ignorance obfuscate the hand of reason and stifles the rule of intelligence DOES give cause for more than just concern. It elicits downright panic, much in the same way a visually challenged two year old being handed the flight controls to an overbooked DC-10 would. To quote that famous line uttered by Brando at the end of an aptly appropriate “Apocalypse Now”: “The horror. The…horror.”

Trump should be hung from a gallows on the National Mall in front of his crying horde, gnashing about like rabid feral hogs in an uncooled fire pit. And I state this as far more than just gratuitous vengeance porn. It is the actual justice deserved for such a monster. A tyrant. A dictator. A non-contributing foul malodorous rust-stained carbon husk. It SHOULD be justice achieved. It SHOULD be the endgame for actions of such vapid sinfulness that only a sadistic mind on the level of the Marquis himself could have envisioned.

America is indeed living out the Marquis de Sade’s most passioned and disgusting treatise on the open exercise of vanity and the profane IN REAL FUCKING TIME. This observation should not be lost on anyone with half a wit or an ounce of empathy left in their weary and downtrodden bodies. Those not aligned with this evil are now but beautiful naked children, chained and tortured, raped and sodomized for the gluttonus pleasure of a few beasts at a festival of grotesque Dionysian proportions. So grandiose in its indescribably horror as to cast ill shadow to Caligula and a daring gauntlet to Idi Amin or Kim Jung-un, awaiting the final orgy of blood and blasphemy as the end of our leaderless empire draws nigh.

Fuck you, Trump. Burn in fucking hell, you blithering shitstain on the taint of history. Fuck. You.


Father, Forgive Them…For These Bitches Be Cray-Cray

A high school girl who refused to complete a history lesson about Islam has finally lost her court case alleging that the class went against her Christian beliefs and the Constitution.

Caleigh Wood challenged a history lesson on “the Muslim World” and her parents backed her up, ultimately suing the school when her grade on the assignment was affected. The lawsuit continued despite the fact that her grade in the class wasn’t impacted. Now, she has finally lost. It’s likely, however, that she will appeal the well-grounded decision.

The federal court found that the curriculum didn’t endorse a specific religion and didn’t compel the students to profess any particular belief.

I used to be a Christian. Truth be told, I still am. No, there is no God. No heaven. No hell. No angels. No golden mansion on streets paved with gold with a golden throne surrounded by all my dead friends and relatives who just so happen to be at JUUUUST the right ages that fit my memory and comfort level best, regardless of THEIR perspectives and similar wonts. No, that’s just silly comic book stories. And I’m not “spiritual but not religious” either, since I’ll be damned if I can understand the difference other than level of smugness. But there IS a code that outlines and defines being a decent, good, moral person of sound judgement and principled ethics. And that code is/was clearly proffered by Jesus Christ, real or not, fairy story or not. It doesn’t really affect the message nor the meaning. As Shakespeare said, “a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”, so do the beatitudes and parables and lessons lived and taught by Jesus hold just as true if Jesus weren’t Jesus. Call them whatever you like, ascribe them to whomever you wish, living, dead or fictional, it changes nothing really. And THAT is the secret evident in what is Christianity, forever lost upon those that should ascribe to it most: Christians.

American Christians are totally lost. When I say I used to be a Christian, I mean CHRISTIAN. Baptized. Born again. Came under the power of the Holy Spirit at a faith healing. Camped outdoors in Camp Agape in Jesus ’84. Youth retreats. Youth groups, sometimes twice a week at two different churches. Choir. RA’s. Pot lucks. Greek orthodox raised, Baptist bred, Catholic school/mass for 3 years, Charismatic Christian for 2 years. Methodist youth groups. Church of Nazarene via fosters. Jehovah’s witness upstairs renters. Synagogue with a couple of friends for good measure.

And brother, I lived it hardcore. Believed it hardcore. Knew it hardcore. Read all 12 volumes of the Bible Story twice. Read Pilgrim’s Progress half a dozen times. Learned the books of the bible backwards and forwards, thanks to Mrs. Walker in 4th grade Sunday School. Played piano in church by special request. Even preached some sermons while still in high school during a period between pastors. So believe me when I say that Christianity in America, John Pavlovitz and the like aside, is more than dead. It is the living dead, virulently animated but soulless in a twisted, horrific, bastardized version of terroristic proportions. It is become the very demon it has believed itself above and anathema to. Well, not so much become, as it always has pretty much has been (Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Missionaries to the New World…I’m looking at you), but, shall we say, EVOLVED. Or rather, malignantly distorted into a version that would Christ to return would see him quickly recrucified, 2019 style. Which is to say, literally nailed to a cross Medieval style, as that has become the norm again.

This article brought to mind a particular instance in my nascent evolution away from theism and the warmth of my Christian heritage towards the coldly clinical truth of atheism– When the thought that Christianity and religion in general was the diabolical force (and farce) that William Golding purported it to be was a new and very uncomfortable but clearly obvious reality to me. My inconvenient truth, as it were.

I had decided in college that I would expand my knowledge in as many areas as I possibly could, to take advantage of the education afforded me, and took as many classes and electives not just within my discipline of biology and medicine, but well outside it, as I could: philosophy, music, religion, history. Even angling and karate, though I never got credited for those. One of my favorite of these courses was “History of The Middle East”, a start to finish course jam-packed with all things Middle Eastern, which included, of course, a healthy few weeks on Islam.

Now, even with my upbringing and personal affectation towards Christianity, though challenged and in doubt at the time, I had always been able to segregate, as it were, the sacred from the profane. Education and faith, while not strictly mutually exclusive, were something that I could abide in equal tolerance if not fully conjoin. When one did force the other into question, I rode that bitch out as far as I could then, if still unresolved, put it in the “save it for later/more info needed” category and moved the fuck on.

I couldn’t resolve the dinosaurs/creation thing so I just let them coexist for as long as I could until I WAS able to reason through it in time. My faith was not threatened nor did my education nor my ability to reason suffer. There WERE answers, whether or not I could determine them, to explain these things. After all, the pyramids stood for no reason anybody could as yet could fully explain but yet, there they were anyway. The knowing of it was just waiting there to be uncovered.

I didn’t need craziness and idiotic conjecture to stand in for it in the interim. If alternative views as regarded my faith were proffered, I never took offense or abused the messenger. I tried to assimilate it immediately or just let it simmer on the back-burner until I could either cook that stew all the way or finally turn it off and toss it with the rest of the garbage. But that sort of tolerance and investigative reasoning is not the Christian way…apparently. Christianity does not endorse or weather logic or truth or encourage a thirst for real truth. I got a good dose of this reality during that Middle Eastern course.

We had a mid-term. Pretty much a huge portion of that test, obviously, covered Islam. As in the HISTORY of Islam. Its roots. Its principles. Its effect on the world stage, in politics and in culture and in the people as a whole and individually. The basic tenants and how it compares against, is influenced by and influences other religions. You know. LEARNING. But the Bible Belt boys and girls in Auburn, Alabama were having none of it.

After the tests were returned, my professor, a pretty smart and really cool guy, had to spend the bulk of an entire class addressing idiocy and vitriolic stupidity because so many students took it upon themselves to leave messages chastising him and wrote critiques admonishing Muslims, Islam itself, Mohommed in particular and praising their lord Jesus Christ, the one true God. These mini diatribes were written ON the tests in protest about lessons in HISTORY about HISTORY in a HISTORY class and in an HISTORICAL context. Apparently, or at least my impression was, this had never happened to the professor much, if at all, in the past…on account said college curriculum in an institute of higher learning wasn’t a cult of forced servitude but a HISTORY class about HISTORY. Things that happened, are happening, and the effects of said happenings. It was then that I saw, laid bare, the frailty of religion and Christianity in particular. It was a tenuous sham built on nothing but vague puffery and bluster, a cheap and lazy attempt to explain the difficult to comprehend and to control the weak for more nefarious means.

Why? Because it has no foundation based in reality. It isn’t real. It’s as believable but as the fairy tales it mimics, though far less innocuous, with nothing but the strength of the deliverer to give it life and purpose. Unlike facts and science, it has no set meaning, no set purpose, other than that which is morphed by the one or ones championing it. It mimics the life of that which is real but is just sheer façade. Christianity is the Pinocchio of reality. It is a hollow shell full of pretense and promise that can never deliver beyond what the deliverer brings to it, with no hope of becoming the thing it really long for. It is fraught with the wispy fragility inherent in fiction, waiting to be discovered for the fraud that it truly is, trying its best to deter that from happening with cruel threats and vainglorious promises of reward.

It is the whole concept of FAITH that protects religion, for there is no better protection from a lie other than avoiding exposure. What better way to have a lie lay hidden than to discourage the truth from ever being sought in the first place? It’s much harder to find something if you never go searching for it. To question faith, and religion by default, is to bring shame and sorrow, even plague and eternal damnation upon yourself. Not to question it is to bring all the greatest glories one could imagine.

Go one step further and proclaim faith as the equal to truth and you have now an (almost) foolproof scam ready to be used for whatever purpose the user would have: power to control without question, punish with impunity, steal without effort by tricking the victim into giving freely. Fortunes can be amassed. Worlds can be conquered. Whole societies or sects can be single handedly, and “justifiably” annihilated, all at the whim of one’s faith. The usages are endless with such a power, as HISTORY has proven. As America’s NOW continues to delineate. As Trump and his sycophantic worshipping “Christians” champion this vulgarity with brazen demagoguery that would make Nero puke.

How weak, how pathetic, how fragile one’s reality to attack with such ferocity even the most minor of perceived threats! Islam and Christianity share this fragility in spades. What is their true message? Is there even one anymore? How is that it always seems to benefit the most enraged? The most insulted. The most offended. The most weak. The most impotent and the most cowardly. How random the application of the laws and tenants of said religions. How alternative the meanings. How hypocritical the applications and teachings.

Christians don’t even bother with exhibiting ANY of Christ’s teachings anymore. The ONE thing that is persistent as it is consistent is the message of Christ, the very reason for being a Christian, the very reason the religion exists. And yet, Christ is the ONE thing missing from Christianity. Instead, what we have is some haphazard promulgation of esoteric nonsensical judgements; a conglomeration of cherry picked premedieval Draconian, OLD Testament logic used to separate, not join. To condemn, not comfort. To injure, not heal. To kill, not resurrect. To accuse THEM. To EXCUSE one’s self.

This isn’t Jesus. This is the pharisees and the elite that had Jesus killed. Jesus was the iconoclast. The hippie. The socialist. The tired and poor. The meek. The jailed. The immigrant. All these things…LITERALLY. And yet Christians feel empowered to the point of orgasmic rapture to rail against EVERY SINGLE ONE of these aspects of Christianity. Every. Single. One. Hypocrites, all.

Christianity is afraid. Afraid of anything that could expose it. Even those things that have nothing to do with it, no desire to even entertain the idea of intersecting with it. Christianity is afraid, yes, but Christ was not. Christianity today accepts nothing that isn’t it already. It’s morphed its message to embrace the very things it was meant to protect the faithful from: avarice, hate, prejudice, fear, bigotry, judgement, bloodthirst.

Christ accepted all. Christianity today would prefer to cajole and accuse rather than to listen and proffer assistance. Christ sat with the sinners. Ate with the outcasts. Lived with the unlivable. Gave when he had nothing. When he had LESS than nothing. Condemned not. Admonished not. Accused not. Judged not. Offered light and hope and forgiveness without condition, even if his audience refused or ignored or tortured, or even killed him. Even THEN, he proffered forgiveness, to his dying breath: “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do”. Absodamnlutely. And THAT Jesus, real or not, story or not, lesson or not, would STILL do it today. IS doing it today. “For as you do this to the least of your brethren, you do it to me.” He taught this, in his words AND with his actions. He would not understand a DAMN thing going on right now in his name.

The girl here that lost her lawsuit, and her parents, in this article IS Christianity today. Proud in its ignorance. Defiant in its stupidity. Unforgiving in its brashness. Unwavering in its hypocrisy. Yes, Christianity in America IS dead. It is become another beast altogether. To worship and herald the closest thing to the foretold Antichrist yet encountered, the vile and disgusting Donald Trump, is to expose one’s life as a lie and one’s faith as absolute bullshit. If you are a Christian who has supported and continues to support this demonic hellspawn of sentient greed that is your “President”, then you are forfeit in your faith and can only pray that your nonexistent God will forgive you before you die. Because in YOUR world, you WILL join Satan in hellfire for all eternity. Sadly, in my world, the real world, you just going to die a fucking asshole who fucked up shit for the rest of us so badly it may never recover.

Following a cult of personality as blindly and as dangerously as any terrorist, with the same fortitude and vigor in the FAITH that your vile and destructive hate will be rewarded is just as sick and disturbed. Trump, like all malignantly narcissistic sociopaths, doesn’t know and doesn’t care. They only see themselves, only care about themselves. They are eager to allow themselves to be crowned emperor of whatever the fuck just as long as they are emperor of whatever the fuck. For its part, The GOP has sold all it is and has stood for to cater to these ignorant monsters that now form its base. It’s easier to fool the already fooled, to strong-arm the already weak-minded. It’s more profitable to embrace the treason inherent than to take a principled stand against totalitarianism and plutocracy. The GOP are nothing but simpering cowards, yipping like a herd of Chihuahua’s from the comfort of their owner’s smoke-soaked Buick.

There is absolutely no difference today between a Christian America and an Islamist terrorist state, politically speaking. In truth, if the Conservative Right DID get their way, it would be EXACTLY the same as their Muslim counterparts: Complete with public stonings for the intellectual “elite”, hangings for the homosexuals and the like, forced servitude and torture for the blacks and immigrants and pretty much the same with an added sexual deviance spin for women.

THIS dystopia is the America envisioned by the Evangelicals that hold sway over the proud man-child pissing and preening in the Oval Office. THIS is the America every Trumpkin and Red MAGA donning douchebag is frothing at the bit to unleash. THIS is the America that today’s Republicans have sold themselves for in order to maintain a fleeting charade of power for a degenerate and Dionysian indulgence of vice and avarice. The LAST fucking thing they want is a goddam History lesson that foretells their downfall and penance to come.



And A Little-Handed Spoiled Man-Child Shall In No Way Lead Them

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The numbers show Trump lost the shutdown and Pelosi won

“…perhaps the ultimate diss to Trump is what Fox News polling discovered. Voters think that Pelosi is better than Trump at “Washington gamesmanship” by 6 points, according to the latest Fox News poll. That has to hurt for Trump who is said to “relish” the gamesmanship with congressional Democrats.” — CNN

I don’t like this. People are exuberant/pissed for all the wrong reasons here.

Oneupmanship shouldn’t be the political rule du jour.  Thanks to almost three decades of amoral, agenda-driven pundits (mostly right wing), weak-minded, weak-spined politicos (mostly both, but mostly the Right) and a voting mass devoid of character, purpose and ethics (pretty much everybody, but, again, mostly the Right) this is now how we do what we do in America.  It’s not supposed to be (solely) a gladiatorial spectacle, at least not without a firm goal in mind to serve the welfare of the people.  But it is.  I don’t see an out here.  Then again, I’m also a professional cynic.  Then again, again, I’m also usually right.

Maybe the Dems see this can’t-beat-’em-join-’em ritual celebration en masse as the only option left, but I think that it’s more likely for the same reason the GOP makes things a contest in the first place, rather than a push for reasoned governing: appealing to the appetites of the masses for self-serving glory over overall societal benefit. Sport. Victor and defeated. Simply clubbing each other the hardest to see who falls first, who can draw first blood, who can get the thrust sign from the masses. This isn’t government. This isn’t healthy. That we on either side cheer and chide, bully or pout is making things worse. But the immediate though sickening pleasure from seeing blood in the water seems to override our higher functions, as it has for some time.

This isn’t college football. Again, at least it shouldn’t be. I feel that this is a sign that there is no going back to government in this country being what it is supposed to be: a tool for the people to live and function in reasoned prosperity, health and happiness mutually furthering each other’s cause for betterment and benefit. No. It’s devolved now into simply a wagering bloodsport for bragging rights and indulgence on the pineal level, stoking the furnaces of schadenfreude and avarice with absolutely no thought as to what benefit or harm said contest would bring. Vengeance for vengeance’s sake.

I am particularly disappointed in the imagery put forth from the Liberal stance, slow-trotting the bases and staring down the pitcher while you round the bases. Yeah, it feels good right now but all you’re doing is guaranteeing that your next big gun gets plunked on the elbow and then all you got is a benches-clearing brawl that leaves the stands cheering in manic bloodthirst while both sides end up with players out for the season and a guarantee that now nobody gets to go to the big show.

I’ve long championed a key defining difference between Conservative and Liberal, Democrat and Republican, as to their character and action when victorious.  Much in the way Patton Oswalt just recently interrupted his usual very acute and precise vivisectional takedown of an opponent in the political arena to step out of character and back into his role as decent fucking human.  When finding out that a right-wing troll that was, for some crazy reason, willing to do battle with the always dominant Patton had a real-life medical issue, Patton took off his gloves and extended a hand in favor:  He assisted in paying the man’s medical bills and inspired others to donate and do the same.  This sort of basic humanity is what we were taught and preached.  At least we used to.

I feel completely certain that ANY counterpart to Patton would have instead tasted blood and gone in for the kill.  And I mean this in general, not this (necessarily) particular example.  A Liberal and Conservative may do battle as viciously as the other.  A Liberal, however, will see his counterpart defeated and downed and help him up.  A Conservative will not just stop but will put his heel on the throat with full weight.  No doubt.  What I’m seeing now is maybe a shift in the Left to the Right.  Maybe not choking the life out of a fallen foe, maybe not hoisting their head on a spear, but a little too much vainglorious gloating and face-thumbing.

It is the Republican mantra now:  serve self and self only.  Period.  Their entire platform is structured towards explicitly self aggrandizing, profit and pleasure.  The REAL kicker here is that at the same time, this is the party with which the disciples of Christ, aka Christians, have fully aligned themselves.  This isn’t conjecture or hyperbole.  It IS Christianity in America now.  Well, the Evangelical hijacking of it, anyway.  There are holdouts of course.  But not enough to define the current religious regime in this country.

Trump is a child. A simpleton. He only understands the gratification from immediate recognition and approval. Like a growing infant that watches his parent’s face while he stumbles around into his toddling years, looking for that grin or laugh so he can repeat his efforts for the same effect. Seems cute enough, but it only appeals to the lowest common denominator when that is ALL you get from what should be a learning process. When you prefer the low hanging fruit of bemusement rather than admonishment or critique for betterment and progress you are doomed to perpetual adolescent immaturity.  Which apparently is just fine by an alarmingly huge number of grown-assed adults that enjoy chiding the newest generation on how spoiled they truly are.

Are they/we not recognizing that blaming said generation for trying to stand up, alone, for themselves to figure out how to make it in a world that will leave them heavily indebted, unemployable and mentally scarred before they’ve hit 21, after we’ve fucked their shit up and didn’t give them the tools in the first fucking place might just be the reason they aren’t as equipped as we’d prefer? Not to mention having the fucking gall to blame them when they have to cowboy the fuck up, again alone, in a world where classroom mass murder is as common as fucking Taco Tuesday. That the self-proclaimed party of Christ and the traditional family seem fully at ease with siding with murderers over the murdered is a little too goddam Lewis Carroll bat-shit dystopic for me.

I expect this self-congratulatory gladiator mentality from the Right. It’s ALL they know anymore. They’ve long sold there souls to whatever demons they embrace and are so far gone they are flat out incapable of grasping any reality anymore. They have devolved fully into a faction that in no way represents what they used to, and what many of their own party still, for some fucking reason, think they believe in: reasoned government with a firm fiscal grip and a fair shake in business growth with ethics rooted in traditional family values. No. Now they are completely, fully and exclusively anti-“whatever the other guys are for whatever reason no matter what forever and always”, regardless of the issue or event. Even if it is something they traditionally would have been okay with or even promoted themselves. If you couldn’t see that during the Obama years, if you still can’t see that very thing in Trump’s current regime, then you have to be one of them. Or you may as well be.

I’ve grown very, very tired of the whole “both sides” thing. Truly I have. Yes, both parties are flawed. Yes, both are self-promoting and self-serving. Yes, both are hypocritical and greedy. But to say that with unqualified equivocation is to believe that all criminals are equal as well. There is a whole goddam world of difference between a cat burglar and fucking John Wayne Gacy. To qualify either with some same-size-fits-all moniker that evil is evil is not to understand, really, anything at all.

Yes. Both parties are shitty because people are shitty. You think the Green Party or Libertarians or whoever-the-fuck has a better shot at avoiding the inherent flaws of men in power (and women…just roll with me here, kids)? To say that Dems are shitty on the same level as the GOP is to equate having your child raped and murdered and buried under a crawlspace under a demon-clown’s torture dome with the also tragic, but not quite as much, event of MeeMaw not being able to find her good necklace on the chifforobe (ask your MeeMaw).  And, yes…it is that disparate.

How fiscally responsible is it to douse a non-existent flame with an ocean of taxpayer money for a symbolic and pyrrhic trophy that is this “Emergency Wall”? At best, it would service to marginally dam an inconsequential stream of tortured and scared refugees with, yes, some of those nasty druggies mixed in. At worst, it is what it actually is: a concrete monument to Republican puffery and self-righteous deism, a necessary trinket to distract their base from any real issue that requires truly nuanced effort and reasoned compromise: healthcare, energy, infrastructure, livable wages, international leadership and unity, resource conservation, ecological management, penal reform, electoral reform, etc. These things are harder and take longer to manage and explain. But flashing shiny trinkets for a quick fix while yelling at everybody to run away from the Mexican Monster is way easier to get someone’s attention. Still after all, isn’t that now the whole reason to be in the politics game anymore? For attention? How else are you gonna make a buck if you don’t get traffic flow to your doors?

Maybe the Dems are gun shy after the Obama years. I can’t blame them/us. Obama did try, very, VERY hard, for a rational, reasoned, mutually responsible and bipartisan approach to true government reform and progress. The GOP and their frothing masses, spurred irresponsibly by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter, were having none of it. As a result, the country suffered a crippled legislature needlessly for eight years, though the economy, foreign diplomacy and day-to-day functioning business and activities continued fairly unimpeded and with economic growth.  The country could at least safely progress without having to worry so much about the next superclusterfuck by a simpleton puppeted by more nefarious and greedy forces.

All this priggish seething on the Right did was lay the groundwork for the too-horrifying-to-be-hilarious realization that a diseased carnie barker sociopath of hellish proportions would be buoyed by a nihilistic mob of zealots and fascists to the throne of rule, usurping power from the masses and feeding it into the dark and starving maw of a vainglorious and hypocritically pious totalitarian plutocracy.  But the Left struck a blow.  Now, for some fucking reason, the more “sane and reasoned” of us seem to think that poking the wounded bear while high-fiving each other is the best thing to do rather than circle the wagons, re-load, steady our resolve and ready ourselves for the impetuous shit-fest most assuredly headed our way.

We can’t change the Right. They have embraced the distilled shittiness they have created and they are just fine, thank you very much, not just living a lie but celebrating that ignorance vociferously and proudly. They are looooong past the point of rescue and without hope of reason or catharsis of repentance to be expected from them, probably ever.

We can’t factor them into our world.  Not anymore. We can only hope to wall them off like a nidus of inflammation or a foreign object from the rest of the body as a whole to minimize the damage. But joining them in their own masturbatory self-immolation for pageant and zealotry is counterproductive to what it is we are and what we should embrace, the same spirit with which Obama was elected: hope and change. It’s not corny and it’s not a joke.

We put a truly graceful, intelligent, mannered, disciplined Renaissance man in the office before we shoved an ass-maggot into the same slot.  We can squash the fucking maggot and try again.  Just because President Obama fought the dragon and didn’t win didn’t mean he lost either. He made his mark and left a promising legacy,  not the least of which is the reality that America still has it in her to work and exist for the right reason:  We…the People.


Another Dick in the Wall

landscape photography of orange brick wall
Photo by Mikes Photos on

Tonight, “President” Donald Trump made his first real national address, Nixon style, to declare a state of non-emergency for a non-existent threat for a non-existent reason.  The sad truth is, the wall means jack shit to both Trump and his sycophantic cultists, aka Conservatives. There is nothing unique nor necessary nor emergent about ANYTHING related to this “necessary intervention to preserve the sanctity of the U.S. and her citizenry”. Nope. It’s just the tangible distraction necessary for this denizen of narcissism and incompetence to empower his ego by fanning the flames of good old hate and ignorance in those that form the intractable base of today’s Republicans. Mostly White. Mostly “Christian”. All deluded.

It could have, and would have, been something completely different if Trump had the ability or need to think. But he doesn’t. So the low hanging fruit of a manufactured paranoia against a backdrop of xenophobic scapegoatism is the perfect raison d’être for a nascent emperor wannabe hitting his stride to keep his slack-jawed worshippers focused away from the reality of his malignant incompetence. Dictatorship 101, page one: Distract the masses with false hope of reward peppered with the promised instant gratification of whatever it is they want, then blame “those people” for the reason they haven’t been able to get it until now. Indonesia had the Chinese (and Communists, and women, and gays, etc.) Hitler had the Jews (and gypsies, and gays, and blacks, and mentally ill, etc.) Republicans have the Mexicans (and Muslims, and gays, and blacks and libtards…). Nationalism. Fascism. Isolationism. Whatever you want to call it, it AIN’T America, or American. At least, it wasn’t.

The reality is that NOTHING will satisfy Republicans. Nothing. Just like their Muslim doppelgängers, the Conservative evangelicals that speak for and control the Right will always have something NOT them to blame for anything and everything they wish. The imagination is literally the limit. When you believe in magic and non-existent forces and deities, the ability to delude yourself into absolving yourself of blame and projecting your own prejudices onto your object(s) of hate and fear, you can pretty much accept any excuse to exercise your own demons into a reality of pain and destruction against another. It is the WHOLE reason for the existence of Christianity and its surrogate twin, Islam. Just shrouded in a sugar-coated pill of love and peace to make it go down easy. Blame someone else, real or imagined. Coerce, cajole or downright force acceptance of your ideology, by default absolving you of any crime of hate or evil. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Trump doesn’t give a shit about the wall anymore than he gives a shit about anything other than himself. This is objectively a simple reality inherent in his m.o. It’s just and ends to a means: LOOK AT ME! That’s it. Same shit, same reason, same story. Like a Hallmark Christmas TV movie, it’s the identical script with the identical characters and identical scenarios, just played by different actors in a different setting with a different motive. Or not. Who cares? You’re gonna watch it anyway, dumbass. Cuz it tastes soooo good going down. So, now the rest of us have to swallow this shit. Again. Because MeMaw has to have her fix, we have to suffer along with her because nobody has the goddam courage to change the fucking channel. And the best you can do is choke down some fucking ribbon candy and pray for a sugar induced catatonia. Or the sweet release of death, yours or theirs. At this point, it really doesn’t fucking matter.

REAL progress, real change comes with more effort than manufactured blame. Blame is a regressive state. It belittles, obfuscates and destroys. It does nothing to promote, to build, to attain. Intelligence dictates that assimilation of things that cannot be changed be incorporated into the equation. That’s how science works. That’s how biology works. That’s how math works. You can’t alter the speed of light, so you have to incorporate it to account for stored energy and the very existence of life and the universe. Similarly, you can’t change the biological impetus for the need to survive built into our DNA as solidly as the need to propagate. So you need to find a way to accommodate it, rather than ignore it or try to defeat it. That ability to accept reason and the reasonable is the very essential difference between a Liberal and a Conservative.

A liberal will recognize the need to not just accept for incorporate that which “IS” in order to achieve “that which is not yet”. You know. To grow. To flourish. To move FORWARD. A conservative will fight against this natural order to evolve by not just fighting against the evolution of progress, but denying its very existence! Apply this methodology to ANY equation and you will realize how counterproductive Republicans and Conservatives are to the essence of existence. And why? In order to reestablish some faux reality built from fuzzy memories of a used-to-be that never existed, so they can feel warm and tickly inside? What civilization exists now using this template for success? Ask France how well the Maginot Line worked, if you want to test the hypothesis of building an “impenetrable” wall to keep out the scary people. G’head. Ask ’em.

But you can’t argue with stupid. At least not successfully. Republicans today are stupid. I didn’t stutter. They. Are. Stupid. They deny truths to embrace personally manipulated ideologies that give them false promise. They worship the nonexistent while shitting on reality. To accept that cold comfort would be to put a crack in their imaginative foundation, one that would continue to spread with the stresses of time and weathering of reality. So they allow for none. The reason Republicans are what they are today is because of a very few men that recognized that true Conservativism would die a natural death in a free society, so they usurped the power of ignorance from the ignorant and placated the masses with their own weaknesses. It is why the poor and poverty white masses endorse whole-heartedly a party that is diametrically opposed to EVERYTHING they stand for. Because God. Because guns. Because gays. Because minorities. Because foreigners. The rallying cry of the right is a false flag woven from fears and bigotries, manufactured by corporate entities (ironically, by foreigners, of course) and given to idiots to march into the fray, championing the will of the super-rich with the icons of hate stamped on their banner of Nationalism, ironically the same colors of Patriotism, but in colors that DO run.

Trump is become the distilled essence of that Id, in concentrated black-tar form. Potent as he is malignant. Too vain to be fully evil, in that he doesn’t care enough about actively causing pain to others because he doesn’t CARE about anything. Not his base. Not his party. Not his administration. Not even his family. Not their wants or needs. Not their fears or desires. He just wants to bathe in their adoration, or just their attention, regardless of methodology or consequence. He is buffoonery personified. He is a child. He is an idiot of highest order. He isn’t clever and he isn’t nefarious. He’s no fucking Dick Cheney, my friend. He isn’t even George W. Bush. He’s far too stupid and shallow to be the former and far too vapid and unlikeable to be the latter. He is alone in the world, utterly and sadly. And he has unleashed that pall of malice and ickiness upon the rest of the country, leaving the United States alone and sickly while the rest of the world looks at us with a mixture of vile and pity, like a rabid dog or a ebola patient at the airport.

To me, that is far worse than either of those or any power of evil or injustice to have existed, certainly within the power structure of the United States. He is the coalesced vapors of millions of ignorant, hateful, selfish and vain ideologues, Evangelical Christians and the power elite. He is a blank, formless slate, spineless clay molded into whatever they want him to be, whenever they want him to be it. He is their mirror, their unclothed Emperor flaunting his beautiful robes to a salivating horde of obsequious and soulless robots, slave to their own Pavlovian vices at the sounding bell of vanity, drooling a malicious concoction of jealousy, fear and searing hate. Not unlike a rabid dog. Tonight, Trump rang that bell clear and far and set the Right frothing at the mouth. And like a rabid dog, there’s only one thing you can do. God save the rest of us.


the Trumpkins who live in soulless husks are unbeautiful…

America has done some horrible things in its tender existence.  Some pretty horrible things.  We all but annihilated the native population.  We enslaved entire cultures.  We’ve suppressed, imprisoned and murdered minorities, aka, non-white males, for our entire existence.  We’ve purposely imposed our will upon sovereign states, deposed legally elected rulers and manufactured coupes by the sackful.  We’ve poisoned, impoverished and neglected our own citizens with less empathy or concern than a poultry farmer tosses dead and dying chicks into whatever it is they throw them into.  We’ve started wars to prevent wars.  We even found justification for incalculable mass murder on a so-sickening-it’s-almost-hilarious-to-think-about scale.  And yet through all this and more, we have managed to maintain, promise and earn the status of the world’s beacon of light, a bastion of freedom, hope and intellectual will on a level never before seen in world history.  Or we did, that is, until we began concentrating children and babies into isolated prison camps.

Say that out loud and let it linger a minute.  Let the metallic bitter taste of that bloody image resonate off your tongue.  Wince at the discomfort and stifle the gag and retch that follows its aftertaste.  Ponder that.  America is willfully, en masse, tearing away children from their families and imprisoning them on American soil.  RIGHT.  FUCKING.  NOW.  In real time, folks.  This shit is going down in your backyard while you plan your summer vacation.  While you fuss over the coffee you just spilt on your shirt on the way to work.  While you kiss your snuggled little ones hurriedly so you can return to your spouse and try to work up to some real lovin’, Marvin Gaye style.  

While you are doing this, a child is screaming out loud to an indifferent, even perversely pleased American guard, “¿Donde esta mi madre?!!”  While you are doing this, a father is pawing hysterically at a wire wall, frantically trying to save his children from the clutches of tyrannical despotic praetorian paid for by your American dollars.  While you are doing this, 35% of your friends are slapping each other on the back, laughing themselves silly and praying to God for Trump to up the ante, because this tame shit just ain’t fucked up enough.  This is America, under the reign of an unfettered, unaffected, unintelligent criminally sick fuck masquerading as our nation’s president, buoyed by the will of the minority, by the will of the cowardly, by the will of the lost, indifferent and delusional.

There isn’t much further we can deteriorate as a country.  The next stop will be state sanctioned murder in an open forum.  No joke.  Mass hangings, mass shootings, mass graves.  This is not hyperbole.  Can you in any way believe that the America you knew could ever have done ANY of the things so far committed under this malignant regime, much less operate MASS CHILD CONCENTRATION CAMPS, on our own fucking soil no less?!  And if you can’t fathom that, then try stomaching the fact that other Americans, your brother, your uncle, your best friend, are pleased as fucking punch to see children literally torn from their mother’s arms and imprisoned.  Right.  Fucking.  Now.

One of the most perplexing and maddening effects from this sickness is coming from those that try to excuse or justify it.  “They shouldn’t be here in the first place.”  “They’re here illegally, so they get what they deserve!”  “Why can’t they follow the rules like everyone else is supposed to?”  I can’t believe that these arguments are put forth by people claiming NOT to be part of this Conservative fascist reign.  And that angers me to almost cartoon caricature levels.  You know.   With the ear steam and the tea-pot kettle scream and the temperature eyeball gauge with a needle jumping from from cold to hot to boiling to broken spring?  Yeah, that one.

The simplest answer is this:  How has America managed to NOT imprison forcefully separated children from their “illegal” families while still doling out justice for all these centuries, in the pasts?  We’ve managed to deport, en masse and with great prejudice, WITHOUT having to incarcerate babies in the before times.  What gives now?  Did migrant children suddenly attain superpowers or develop the ability to summon hellspawn, so they require such drastic measures?  Do they shit shiny platinum nuggets, or better yet, plutonium nuggets and we need them for harvest to help balance the Trump deficit?  Do they emit some Love Potion #9 pheromone that influences those in their vicinity against their will to squander them away like a fox burying the remains of a rabbit in the snow to savor later on?  What the fuck?!

Let’s ignore that so many, if not the majority of these “illegals”, are asylum seekers, running for their lives from tortuous governments, murdering drug lords, desperate poverty and sickness.  Let’s ignore that America has stood for that welcomed freedom since it’s inception as an idea and throughout its existence.  Let’s ignore that statistically illegal immigration has been at its lowest, dropping yearly, with reverse immigration on the rise during the Obama years.  Ignore the dark secret that America actually can’t function without these “illegals” as the cash crop cow that it is and has been.  Let’s ignore the principles of a free democracy that once led the world in example by being the most inclusionary country on the face of the earth, a “Melting Pot” as it were.  Let’s ignore how ALL of us got the fuck here in the first place.  Let’s ignore the fact that America herself has in some fashion CREATED the situations driving immigrants to seek a better life; unless you choose to ignore the history of Central America and the banana republic (not the Mall one), a failed drug war that pushed controlling cartel power in Colombia to a stones throw across the Rio Grande; unless you choose to ignore droves of murdered families from 17 years of an illegal war and the trigger happy predator drones in the hands of non-military judges.  Unless you’re a goddam, purposely ignorant fucktard that can only accept made up bedtime stories over statistical data and fact.

So what’s different now?  That’s right kids.  Trump.  A TV game show host.  An impotent and spoiled “business”man, bankrupt of soul, morals and intellect, as he has bankrupted himself and most every person or company to have ever worked up the gumption to trust this shit-stain.  Worst of all, his rise has unleashed a dark and hidden beast, larger and more fierce than any of us had every believed possible…ourselves.

Of course by “ourselves” I mean the 35% of sick individuals that mistake Trump’s clinical malignant narcissism for impassioned bravado.  I mean the deluded “Christians” that defile, in very explicit and literal terms, EVERYTHING Christ ever stood for.  I mean the sanctimonious masses devoid of morals, empathy and reason that for some fucking reason put this sick fuck in command, despite the fact that he holds them in contempt.  Even a professional cynic such as myself never realized the depths to which such pure, unadulterated hate and ignorance has held sway in my country.  Every day I feel like Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own”, trying to wrap his mind around the reality of a woman crying in baseball.  Maybe Hanks should try rationalizing how a fully functioning adult that touts Christian piety as subtly as a Kentucky Derby bonnet can gleefully justify rounding up Mexican children like marbles in a really fucked up game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

I posted my favorite poem above, ironically by a poet whom I could not stand in my younger years:  e.e. cummings.  I have loved the imagery of this poem, it’s crooked cadence and clipped staccato of word flow, a cummings standard.  More than any vice or fault of mankind, I have hated hypocrisy the worst.  Preaching the opposite of what you emulate and expecting others to bend to your will without compromise on your end is anathema to my existence.  

Yet these characteristics are rampant among American Christians.  I know.  I was a devout one for years.  But like Ghandi, I grew to hate my brethren and their inability fully grasp the tenants of their faith, myself still admiring and adhering to Christ, the figure, as a moral sensei.  Of course, I view Spider-Man in almost the same way.  The two are faulted men, fallible in their humanness but aware of it.  Christians, as a whole, are not.  They are petty, devious, uncompromising and exclusionary.  Christ taught none of these things.  He was none of these things.  Today’s Christians are no less evolved than cummings’ Cambridge Ladies, from whom he drew the inspiration.  

I am a confused man these days.  More-so than usual.  Much more-so.  My country is cheering a madman on his throne of the bones of the tired, poor and huddled masses, not even waiting for some token of purple and gold beads to willingly flash their tits to court favor from a perverse simpleton.  I am angered, I am saddened, I am befuddled, I am exhausted.  I feel like someone on a rope in a losing game of tug-of-war, clutching and pulling for all he’s worth and gaining only rope burns and an impending sense of doom for his troubles.  The worst part is, I look across that muddy pit and see only a mange-addled rodent tugging on the other side, pulling me in and I’m horrified and confused.  The math doesn’t work.  But here it is.  A shit-stained mangey squirrel is besting me tet-a-tet and apparently there’s not a goddam thing I can do about it.  The moon, though, still rattles above.  She’s seen this shit before.  And unlike me, she can bide her time.




With Friends Like These…

Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal–CNN

This is where those history classes and cognizance of law and world dynamics on the most basic of levels would have paid off. Don’t get me wrong. Americans have a past rich in ignorance of their own country, let alone other countries, and how it has subverted and coerced foreign regimes to promulgate our own agendas. But, despite the often horrible and definitely criminal aspects of those efforts, whether it’s turning a blind eye to the mass genocides in Indonesia and Rwanda, or outright deposition of legally elected governments in Panama or Iran to institute our own puppets with Noriega and the Shah, to complete and utter falsification on a mass scale in Vietnam starting with the Gulf of Tonkin episode on, America at LEAST had some sort of rationale behind it to protect American interests. Misguided? Yep. Horribly miscalculated? Uh-huh. Downright evil? Maybe. But it sorta, kinda made sense on some level at some point with at least some semblance of goal towards protection of America and her ideals and her people. Debatable, I know. But what isn’t debatable is Trump’s continued malfeasance and misuse of his position, including this shit right here with that ignorant fuckstick.

Trump has shown nothing but contempt for truth, for the office of the Presidency and for America herself. He is more than an idiot. He is a simpleton; a child in man form that is fully incapable of thought beyond himself and of the immediacy of the moment. No object permanence, no forethought to consequence, no empathy for fallout to anything and everyone not him. It. Just. Isn’t. There. He is solipsism personified, an abstract in concrete form. And because too much of America is too much like him, we are all but completely undone.

The implications from this latest “decision” made by Trump could, and very likely will, result again in real world traumas. I qualify “decision” because actually deciding something implies a weighing of consequence and a serious debate of pros and cons. Trump doesn’t do anything resembling that. He only knows immediate gratification. He is the fabled greedy monkey with his hand in the jar grabbing for the most he can at one time and unable to pull his hand back out, stymied by his own greed and hubris, buoyed by the supposed adoration from his flock of glassy-eyed Trumpkins, themselves content to rely on fairy tales and schadenfreude to shield them from reality.  And rather than reformulate a thought and approach to a better way to get at them there nuts in a jar, he’s most likely gonna fling that damn jar around and beat it on the ground until it breaks or he has to take a nap.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, America is the jar.

At its simplest definition, a traitor is defined as someone who betrays, rather it be a cause, an idea, a person or a country. Betray, or deception of trust. It is the mortar that binds Trump. He has betrayed his businesses, his family, his marriages, his countrymen… all for the immediacy of personal fortune and glory. This has strengthened his pomposity of delusion to the point that even clear and evident failures are touted as strengths of will and purpose. Even Nixon had an agenda. Even Hitler had an ideal. Trump only is. In a way, he is Zen in human form, or rather the mirrored opposite of that: A cautionary tale of total abdication of worry and distraction, without a focus on an ideal or goal of betterment.

What is most painful about not just Trump’s nullification and abandonment of the U.S.’s deal with Iran is the damage done to the the vastly pro-American sentiment among the youth of that country. The Arab spring may have fizzled, but the desires are still there. One could argue that China’s openness today could very well have been coddled successfully by the Tiananmen square uprising almost 30 years ago. Those youths will soon gain broader control of their country. Iran hasn’t completely shaken its embrace of Western culture throughout the 60’s and 70’s, even if said culture was admittedly forced upon them. Nothing but harm can come of this latest arrogance, not just to Iran and thereby to the U.S. but, again, with its allies. Like the Paris accords, the only existing real-world solution to address climate change on a necessary mass scale, this will pollute our necessary relations with the rest of the world.

And there lies the crux of the problem. Trump’s supporters and apologists feel that America doesn’t need the world, doesn’t need viable trade and relationships on a global scale. This ideal serves both their xenophobic agenda as well as their fully misguided “pride” of patriotism, read nationalism. Such a belief is not just outdated, it is just plain stupid. There is no economy that can flourish within it’s borders. None. The world is closer now than ever on a socioeconomic scale and it will not slow down, even if it does burn itself out.  The balance of the results weighs in the approach to equilibrium or total consumption. But when someone’s real world ideals are directly affected by self-serving manipulations of out-dated fairy tales and fear of invisible monsters, what argument can one proffer that will effectively pull their heads out of their sanctimonious asses so they can stop shooting themselves in the foot?  Did I over-metaphor you there?  

The worst part of all with this current act of vainglorious stupidness? We aren’t even close to the end having to deal with this china-shop bull doofus. Impeachment won’t solve the problem. Hell, the next election may not solve it. America has fully unmasked itself for the dim-witted hate-monger that it is and trying to stuff that particular genie back in the bottle will take more than a mea culpa and a half-hearted re-do. This country, via this leadership and the Conservative party, is a Hydra of hate and ignorance.  Cutting off this head will at best result in a pyrrhic victory. One that I would be happy to settle for over nothing for now, grant you.  But as far as the bigger picture…? I dunno.

Impeaching Trump, trying him for the treasonous traitor that he is and dealing the harshest of punishments is truly what he deserves, but it is cold comfort. So many of my brothers and sisters, my friends and countrymen, have aligned themselves with this sad, pathetic malignancy of greed and ego. I’m reminded of the end of one of Ewan McGregor’s earliest movies, “Shallow Grave” (do yourself a favor and see this movie) as he delivers the final moral, “Oh, yes.  I believe in friends.  I believe we need them.  But if one day you find that you just can’t trust them anymore, well…what then?  What then?”  Yeah.  It’s kinda like that.


Donald Trump is a Stupid Moron and So Are You If You Support Donald Trump, You Stupid, Stupid Idiot

“Killing this regulation won’t exactly fulfill Trump’s goal of reversing the coal industry’s decline; that decline has more to do with cheap natural gas than anything else. Instead, Republicans are mostly focusing on this rule because they can. ” – Vox

There is absolutely NO legitimate or constructive reason for either this bill to be presented nor, even less so, to be signed by Trump in any way. None. As the article notes, it will not help the coal industry in any viably economic way. No, what this bill represents is simply the only reason that the Republican party exists now and the only methodology that they can embrace: if THEY be fer it, then WE’s be agin it. That’s it. Simple.

This continuation of anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anti-goodforthecountry policy that defines the GOP is all that is left of their agenda. They have never proffered any real usable change or stimulation that will advance the status of the country, the well-being of the populace nor the recognition of anything other than profit for the wealthy and the powerful other than a giant “Fuck All Y’all” to everyone else, including Mother Earth. It’s this last part, that “Fuck Y’all” attitude, that 1/3-1/2 of the country have embraced to justify their myopically bigoted and belligerently voiced opposition to positive change and continued embracement of policies that actually do themselves even more harm than the bulk of their political counterparts. They gladly sell out their faith and reason so they can throw stones of judgment, hate and fear at the whores of sanity and true freedom, i.e. the rest of us.

Why does the far right, which, to be honest, IS the right, embrace such shittiness, vote for candidates and support actions that actively damage themselves? Again, simple. The bulk of Conservatives are stupid, stupid idiots. That’s right. I did not stutter. I say it loudly and clearly with no regret, hyperbole or irony: Conservatives are a stupid people.

What defines a stupid person? Well, for one, willingly allowing yourself to be viciously raped over and over again while being told by your rapist, “Hey, don’t let that guy over there rape you, cuz you know he will.” That is an objectively stupid person. A person who can’t fucking recognize instinctual danger, or worse, willingly dismiss or excuse it, is a stupid person. To do so for such vapid rewards as political legitimacy to openly embrace harmful policies, brutal evilness disguised as legitimate truisms, and attempt to enforce one’s own delusions of faith and pineal hate is even stupider.

Conservatives, as a biological entity, should not exist. But because they are people and not “uncivilized” wild beasts, nature is stymied at her attempt to cull them, despite the desperate need for a mass culling. Man has that privilege, having gained enough intelligence to alter his destiny while at the same time not enough to appreciate the damage other living things, or those things upon which living things subsist, may incur because of it. Anybody else, nature wouldn’t play that shit. It’d be bye, bye, thanks for playing Darwin’s Roulette…next contestant please. Oooh, Avians…I see you’re still in the running. Wanna have a go?

Or does she? Nature will have her revenge, no doubt. But on by HER clock, not ours. By that time, she will be pissed as hell and she’s going to go all medieval on all of us with no distinction between party lines or political narrative, or stupidity factor for that matter. She won’t give the rest of us props for trying to stem the tide of ignorance while laying waste to fuck all around us. Nope, she’s gonna clean house but good and shake us off like a freshly shampooed Golden Retriever.

Anyone familiar with the biology of populations and a “J” curve vs. an “S” curve reality understand that we are, and have been, right on the cusp of whether we as a civilizations will equilibrate and continue a long-term survival via the “S” curve, versus a rather immediate and vicious plunge into mass-extinction via “J” curve. You can probably guess which status I feel we are headed towards. There’s a reason I’m a cynic.

But what about the between-time until then? Well, get ready for more stupid shit like this. Trump’s already stockpiled the worst of the worst available candidates into every position he’s bothered with filling. So much for all this “swamp drainage” I kept hearing about. But, of course, a stupid person thinks that that is exactly what Trump is doing. You know. Because they’re STUPID.

As long as stupid Conservatives value the chance to spew derogatory vitriol without consequence; as long as the right longs to bathe in the glory of their self-righteous bat-shit insanity; as long as actually smart Conservatives keep thinking the days of Barry Goldwater are just around the corner if only they stick it out a little longer or are just too fucking cowardly to stand up against outright flakey, retarded Evangelical kooko-banana-world tyrannical suppression of truth and righteousness at the highest levels of our country; as long as “Christians” continue to delude themselves that they are embracing the tenants and teachings of Christ, or even better, that that should even fucking MATTER in the FIRST goddam place in a free society; as long as the rich love pissing on the rest of us and poor Conservatives think golden showers are worth the ticket to flout their hate and judgement upon others, then what are we to do? The earth couldn’t give a fuck what we believe…she’ll have her way, dammit. She’s only middle aged and she’s got a WHOOOOOLE lotta dancin’ left.

At this point, any legitimate claim from anyone saying or thinking that Trump is a positive force of ANY kind in ANY way for ANYthing is so far deluded they will never see reason, at all. “Never ever?” No, never ever. They are lost, forever. I can guarantee you that. You will never be able to argue with any person that ensconced in their own filth of irrationality. Nothing will persuade them, nothing will sway them, nothing will help them, nothing will reason with them, nothing will ever save them. They are gone, brother. And I mean gone. Maaaaaybe if they were to suffer severe pain directly via their own political hubris, as is required by a Republican to understand empathy and the value of a free society or individual that ISN’T them or a loved one. But even then, I’m sure it would be a “God’s will” moment for them or whatever bullshit one feeds themselves to obscure the reality that they themselves are the ones to blame for all the shit happening to and around them and not an invisible hoofed satyr prancing just out of reach off their shoulder. Cuz that’s just fucking stupid.

P.S. I fucking HATE you, Trump, you nutless sack of feces. Damn it!


Jesus Ain’t Say That

Who would have thought one of the most poignant and direct criticisms of Trump, his administration, specifically Pence, the Right wing in general and the whole damn world of Conservatives and Evangelicals would have come from Omarosa Manigault?  I know, right?  Yeah, she was explaining how much worse Pence would be as president due to his hyper-religiosity and hellbent Biblical literal interpretations with an eye on self-fulfilling apocalyptic prophesy.  Then again, that IS the very definition of the current right wing, along with their anointing of Trump as the very second coming of Christ. No hyperbole. It is this disgusting, monstrous distortion of Christianity and the perverse hijacking of the Republican party and all things conservative in this nation that has led to the sickening state of affairs in this country, as we tailspin towards the inner circles of hell.   

Don’t believe me?  Really?  Alright.  Here’s an actual newspaper article by an actual human being with actual motor skills touting Trump as the new savior:  No Shit?!  This is not an aberrancy.  This is the new norm, Right Wing style.  And if that makes you sick to your stomach, then congratulations.  You’re a free-thinking individual with an intact set of mores, a normal functioning empath along with a basic set of interpretive skills and intellect.  This Conservative reality is a sickness that extends to not just the basest of people and their worst attributes.  It is an active embracing of real-world evil.

In a recent article, Time reported that the Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, has been getting inundated with fan mail:  “Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, Cruz’s lawyer, told the newspaper that his client has indeed received “piles of letters.”  In addition, $800 has been deposited into a commissary account which can be used by inmates to buy snacks, radios and personal hygiene products.  “In my 40 years as public defender, I’ve never seen this many letters to a defendant,” Finkelstein said. “Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this.” THAT is some fucked-up shit right there.

When W. Bush was president, I thought I had seen the worst in the purposeful delusion in people, both in the proffering and in the acceptance of said delusions.  It was pretty goddam bad.  But what we’re seeing now is beyond the scope of explanation, far beyond comprehension or belief.  The depths of depravity a people will sink to further their own sick biases is truly unfathomable.  I’ve seen the evils of tyranny and dictatorship, the mind-wiping complicity of a subjugated people willing to adhere to batshit insane ideology and ideologues on a smaller scale.  I’ve witnessed the history of whole states and continents besieged with the criminal ineptitude of demons mascarading as saviors.  But I don’t think I’ve seen such wholesale perversion of one’s own faith and morality, going as far as embracing the exact opposites of the tenants of one’s belief system in order to subjugate and persecute, WITH JOY, those who choose not to blindly goose-step in criminal fashion behind a false prophet along with them.  Not even a false prophet, really.  Just a malignant narcissist living in his own bizarro “Being John Malkovich” episode, where everyone’s face is Donald Trump’s and all they say is “Trump, Trump, Trump” instead of “Malkovich, Malkovich.”  No hyperbole.

What we’re seeing now with Trump and this “Trump World” is not just complete embracing of the dark side, as it were.  It is the full deflection of evil onto the good, turning victim into criminal, truth into lie.  With Parkland, it hasn’t been enough to continue the usual 2nd Amendment mantras the right is so fond of regurgitating.  No, what we have now in the world of Dear Leader Trump is the recasting of the victims into villains, turning murdered and traumatized children into the provocateur and the murderer into unfairly persecuted saint.  WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?!  Crisis actors?!  Are you shitting me?!  Have you listened to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch, Kellyanne Conway et al?  If such a thing as “Crisis Actor” is real, then, brother, you been missing the forest for the trees on that one if you think it’s kids not wanting to be murdered and not these screaming mimi fuckholes spewing rivers of shit non-stop from the softest slight against their self-righteous delicate egos.  And WE’RE the snowflakes?!  Is there anything braver and more ballsy than a child, having survived mass slaughter, to further suffer the slings and degradations from a tone-deaf oligarchy and stand face-to-face with them, shoulders firm and head high, calling them out openly on their bullshit?  While I’m at it, fuck you, Ted Nugent, you talentless shit-filled diaper-wearing cowardly has-been.  Seriously.  From the heart.

But with Trump and the Conservative agenda, deflection and coopting is the new normal.  If you can’t reconcile an obvious “uncomfortable” truth, then either blame the accuser or someone else or just embrace it and re-qualify it.  Trump gets caught dead to rights openly degrading women?  “It’s just locker talk…all guys do it!”  Trump is accused of criminal behavior against them by 22 women, and counting?  “They’re liars!”  Trump backs and excuses a pedophile?  “Well, in the Bible, you can marry a 14 year old!”  Pick your poison.  Despite Trump’s record of dozens of failed business ventures, six bankruptcies, non-payment of investors and employees, bilking of his own businesses even when used for charity, collusion with Russia in money laundering via his New York business ventures and real estate holdings, his reluctance to openly reveal his tax returns, something ALL presidents have done since Nixon did, etc, etc, etc. the right has openly excused all of these while giving absolutely no quarter to anyone else of any not of their ilk.

Better yet, just ignore the evil shit you are doing  and blame the other guys of doing it instead.  Hence the term “fake news.”  One of the latest far right strategies and pure example of fascist propaganda masquerading as “news”, outside of Fox News, that is, is being perpetrated by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is able to own and control roughly over 2/3 of the news stations in the entire nation.  Say what?!  Yes, that’s right.  Since the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated by Reagan and his cronies to allow the monopolization of information by the uber rich, read Conservative, plutocracy, the bastardization of actual information and the proliferation of manipulated Conservative doctrine has reached pandemic levels.  In a ballsy, completely non-ironic display of a spot-on perfect display of irony, Sinclair forced its peons to read to its TV watching public straight from the text of crazy-as-shit totalitarian dictatorship Big Book of Whatthefuckisms.  Word for word, deriding the manipulation of information and dissemination of unilateral ideologies, read outright lies, by media and talking heads, while illustrating in a whacko-meta way their very premise!  Straight faced.  That’s some fucking STONES!  It would be impressively beautiful from an illustrative narrative view of literal manipulation if it wasn’t so fucking Twilight Zone but very real world scary.  Mao Tse Tung would have high-fived Joseph Goebbels in a mutual “OH NO HE DI’N’T!” display of mutual props.

The most puzzling and egregious, on the surface anyway, is the Evangelical anointing of Trump, the FURTHEST example of anything relating to any tenant of Christianity one could conjure, as the new Christ.  Before the election, I’m quite certain Trump had never uttered the word “Christian” or “Jesus”.  No hyperbole.  “Two Corinthians?”  Seriously?  While still running when asked what Easter meant to him, Trump fumbled with something about Christians and stuff:  “Well, it really means something very special. I’m going to church in an hour from now and it’s going to be — it’s a beautiful church. I’m in Florida.  And it’s just a very special time for me. And it really represents family and get-together and — and something, you know, if you’re a — a Christian, it’s just a very important day.”  Sweet.

If this non-answer sounds familiar, it’s just his usually boilerplate, a’la a 4th grader being asked to explain Fahrenheit 451 that he clearly hadn’t read:  “Well, its really something special.  I’m here in class right now and it’s, it’s really a cool class and all, a beautiful school.  In Georgia.  And it’s just a very special book to me.  It represents heat, and really hot heat–and something, you know, if you’re a–a person who reads it, it’s really a good book.”  Just plug and play that shit into pretty much everything he ever says and follow the usual pattern:  acknowledge the last thing asked, mention something related to that thing, pontificate about how incredible that thing is that was related to the topic that you encountered, obfuscate the asker by steering the topic towards someone else you hate by misappropriating their stance on said topic, bloviate the same inane words into a snake-swallowing-it’s-tail train of haphazard words, close with how awesome that thing is and vicariously you are for doing/being/seeing it then grimace like a monkey smelling its own ass.  Or, as known in the Trump World, smile.

What’s particularly sad here is the selling out of Christianity by “Christians” themselves.  You can chalk all of Trump’s evil bullshit and malfeasance up to what it is:  self-serving criminality served with a political shine to a largely ignorant populace to further one’s own self-gratification and pursuit of power/money/attention.   What you should have trouble reconciling here is the eager kowtowed blasphemy in the indulgence of the right with, for lack of a better term, the very literation of the Anti-Christ.  But once you start to see what it is the hard religious right actually treasure and believe, maybe it’s not so puzzling.  And, it’s not very Christian at all.  

Christians in America have revealed their true colors, not that they’ve been hiding them too well since W. Bush.  I can honestly say that Christians are completely devoid of anything to do with Christ, at all.  No hyperbole. A Christian is to be as Christ.  Simply defined and easy to understand, but very difficult to follow completely and without fail.  But American Christians, specifically Evangelicals, have allowed for the chronic perversion of their faith to distort it so much and so far as be unrecognizable as Christianity at all.  What Trump represents is a mindless, soulless lump of clay that will allow for them to create their own god, in their own grotesque image and parade him like a golden calf at the base of Mount Sinai.  Basically, in Trump, they fully nullify the first 4 of the 10 commandments right out of the gate.  Pretty sure Moses would have just left them smashed if he knew what was to come of them.

A simple test would be to take what really may be the heart of Christianity as taught by Christ, the Beatitudes.  Then, compare these to what the Christian platforms are in todays Conservative party:

  1. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  2. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
  3. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
  4. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.
  5. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
  6. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
  7. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
  8. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

You could take JUST the Parkland massacre and deride Christians on every single one of these.  Even better, take Matthew 25:35-40.  You know the one:  35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.  36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.  37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?  38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?  39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?  40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Does THIS sound like today’s American Christian?  Christ stood for austerity, peace, charity, agape (brotherly love), acceptance, inclusion, absence of judgement, passive civility, equality and welfare.  He was a hippie luddite before there were hippies or luddites.  Christian Evangelicals preach and embrace the active acquisition of wealth, pursuit of vengeance and war, oppose any state, read neutral, measures of help for the poor and sick, judgmental exclusion, self righteousness, acceptance of social and political hierarchy and punishment for those that fail to agree with them.  No hyperbole.  So when you hear “The bible says…” or “Jesus said…” spewing from the mouth of a Conservative hate-mongering hypocrite, rest assured not only is the tenants expressed most likely the complete opposite of what it is they are saying.  Most likely, Jesus ain’t say that.  At all.

Image 4-2-18 at 7.56 PM

And Now For Something Completely Stupid…

“President Donald Trump signaled on Tuesday he’s prepared to dismiss aides with whom he’s clashed — including national security adviser H.R. McMaster — as he works to surround himself with advisers more aligned with his populist agenda and freewheeling style.”–CNN
Trump has sacrificed yet another lamb upon his altar of cult of personality:  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  This is textbook demagoguery, championed by the cowardly, ignorant and weak who crave attention and power but can offer nothing in the way of progress, welfare or stability to a people or state. Idi Amin. Pol Pot. Benito Mussolini. Kim Jung-Un. Robert Mugabe. Caligula. On and on, tyrannical sociopaths willing to sacrifice everyone and everything for narcissistic puffery.  If Trump were in charge of one of the “shithole” countries he loves to deride, there is no doubt he would out-Qaddafi Qaddafi with the best, most beautiful gold lamé double-breasted military jacket with all the most expensive, huge, gold medals adorning it to show all his countrymen just how much he truly loathes, I mean, ‘er, um, loves them.  The rest of his rule would pretty much look as it does now:  a whole lot of jackshit surrounded by more bullshit and lots and lots of golf. 
Trump is a brewing civil war short of being a war criminal; he and his Trumpkin warmongers would love nothing more than to elevate this shitbag from dictator to Generalissimo tout de suite. This is not colorful hyperbole in any way. I mean this in the stark coldness of the horrible, horrible truth that it is. At this time in our history, we are being ruled by a mad tyrant, with the most fragile of democratic strings keeping him in check. We are one OJ trial type event from shit hitting the fan and, again, I mean that literally and most sincerely.  Gird your loins, John Wayne style, kids.  Some crazy-assed shit is a-comin’. 
I don’t know how many truly appreciate the precariously volatile state our country is in right now with this soulless totem and his spineless and equally malignant co-consipirators, along with the seething horde of idiots that continue to shower adulation in the face of ego-driven ineptitude and malfeasance itching for a fight. There isn’t one aspect of his governance that isn’t riddled with self-aggrandizing nepotism, criminal incompetence and flagrant conflict of interests:  A son-in-law who does somethin’ or ‘nother with a lower clearance level than the White House calligrapher. His goddam caddie as social media director and his fucking wedding planner as the HEAD of New York’s Federal Housing Office!  You can’t make this shit up!  An idiotic anti-school, for-profit fucktard Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, who can’t even talk schools in an interview about schools for about half a damn minute. An even dumber sack of hammers goofus allowing the corporate profiteers to ransack the Department of Energy, Rick “Whoops” Perry, who graduated from Texas A&M with a C average in animal science, a man ironically with absolutely zero understanding of any science and who openly stated if he were president he would get rid of said Energy Dept. Secretary of Housing and Development, Ben Carson, a brain surgeon that truly personifies self-referential satire by illustrating it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to be a brain surgeon, in charge of housing, because…brain surgeon? Scott Pruitt, who has taken the Protection out of the Environmental Protection Agency and put the country up for highest bidder. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State…I mean, ‘er, um, current whipping boy soon to be replaced by a mannequin with an iPad for a head set to FaceTime for any given dumbass willing to give Trump a reach around.
If there were any modicum of humanity or morality left in the third of the country that touted this man as almost the literal new messiah, the chorus of wails and derision borne of betrayal and lies should be louder than Jordan-Hare during the Iron Bowl with :30 seconds left and Auburn up by 4. Instead, the best one hears is nothing. Absolutely nothing. More commonly, though, is the rabid refrain of cheers and the ramping up of vitriolic hate and dumbness from the Right celebrating said regression and ineptitude. More than willing to double-down on their Chosen One, completely comfortable with the selling out of their morals and beliefs to co-opt a phony and dangerous vision of an isolated America, drunk with self-righteous bravado, fueled by fairy tales and .223 rounds from a drum magazine, Conservatives have embraced all that is everything they claim they are not:  fascists, terrorists, idolators, traitors.
If anyone was withholding judgement of Trump, willing to “give him a chance” to prove himself and take him at his word, that time has long past. If anyone can still look at this wispy husk of nothingness and see anything of value still there, then one must conclude they are clinically deluded or outright liars. There is no excusing this man, this nothingness, not before and very not now. This cycle of self-indulgent whimsy and blithering incompetence will at best continue in a whirl of non-accomplishment. More likely, and more injuriously, real trauma awaits our country. Even more than has been already experienced at the helm of this fecal stain on the American historical landscape.
Herr Trump will out all but the most sycophantic of his lapdogs. He will betray all who don’t fully embrace and worship him unconditionally. He will strut and puff about as though he has single-handedly won the world, when in fact he has ostracized us from it and humiliated us in front of it. All the while, his mind-wiped flock of 35% with sugar-glazed eyes and poisoned minds will cheer their own demise, all believing they are off to the promised land right before the grape-flavored cyanide takes effect.  I kind of envy Stephen Hawking for finally voiding this mortal coil and saving himself the shame of watching the death of science and truth in the face of flagrant idiocy while the bastion of democracy consumes itself for vainglorious fantasies.  Now, I turn my head and my hopes to Neil DeGrasse Tyson as de facto leader of steadied reason and the continued quest for truth.  Science save us all.  God knows, Trump sure as hell won’t.

This column dedicated to Dr. Stephen Hawking.  Thank you, sir.  Rest well.