Another Dick in the Wall

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Tonight, “President” Donald Trump made his first real national address, Nixon style, to declare a state of non-emergency for a non-existent threat for a non-existent reason.  The sad truth is, the wall means jack shit to both Trump and his sycophantic cultists, aka Conservatives. There is nothing unique nor necessary nor emergent about ANYTHING related to this “necessary intervention to preserve the sanctity of the U.S. and her citizenry”. Nope. It’s just the tangible distraction necessary for this denizen of narcissism and incompetence to empower his ego by fanning the flames of good old hate and ignorance in those that form the intractable base of today’s Republicans. Mostly White. Mostly “Christian”. All deluded.

It could have, and would have, been something completely different if Trump had the ability or need to think. But he doesn’t. So the low hanging fruit of a manufactured paranoia against a backdrop of xenophobic scapegoatism is the perfect raison d’être for a nascent emperor wannabe hitting his stride to keep his slack-jawed worshippers focused away from the reality of his malignant incompetence. Dictatorship 101, page one: Distract the masses with false hope of reward peppered with the promised instant gratification of whatever it is they want, then blame “those people” for the reason they haven’t been able to get it until now. Indonesia had the Chinese (and Communists, and women, and gays, etc.) Hitler had the Jews (and gypsies, and gays, and blacks, and mentally ill, etc.) Republicans have the Mexicans (and Muslims, and gays, and blacks and libtards…). Nationalism. Fascism. Isolationism. Whatever you want to call it, it AIN’T America, or American. At least, it wasn’t.

The reality is that NOTHING will satisfy Republicans. Nothing. Just like their Muslim doppelgängers, the Conservative evangelicals that speak for and control the Right will always have something NOT them to blame for anything and everything they wish. The imagination is literally the limit. When you believe in magic and non-existent forces and deities, the ability to delude yourself into absolving yourself of blame and projecting your own prejudices onto your object(s) of hate and fear, you can pretty much accept any excuse to exercise your own demons into a reality of pain and destruction against another. It is the WHOLE reason for the existence of Christianity and its surrogate twin, Islam. Just shrouded in a sugar-coated pill of love and peace to make it go down easy. Blame someone else, real or imagined. Coerce, cajole or downright force acceptance of your ideology, by default absolving you of any crime of hate or evil. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Trump doesn’t give a shit about the wall anymore than he gives a shit about anything other than himself. This is objectively a simple reality inherent in his m.o. It’s just and ends to a means: LOOK AT ME! That’s it. Same shit, same reason, same story. Like a Hallmark Christmas TV movie, it’s the identical script with the identical characters and identical scenarios, just played by different actors in a different setting with a different motive. Or not. Who cares? You’re gonna watch it anyway, dumbass. Cuz it tastes soooo good going down. So, now the rest of us have to swallow this shit. Again. Because MeMaw has to have her fix, we have to suffer along with her because nobody has the goddam courage to change the fucking channel. And the best you can do is choke down some fucking ribbon candy and pray for a sugar induced catatonia. Or the sweet release of death, yours or theirs. At this point, it really doesn’t fucking matter.

REAL progress, real change comes with more effort than manufactured blame. Blame is a regressive state. It belittles, obfuscates and destroys. It does nothing to promote, to build, to attain. Intelligence dictates that assimilation of things that cannot be changed be incorporated into the equation. That’s how science works. That’s how biology works. That’s how math works. You can’t alter the speed of light, so you have to incorporate it to account for stored energy and the very existence of life and the universe. Similarly, you can’t change the biological impetus for the need to survive built into our DNA as solidly as the need to propagate. So you need to find a way to accommodate it, rather than ignore it or try to defeat it. That ability to accept reason and the reasonable is the very essential difference between a Liberal and a Conservative.

A liberal will recognize the need to not just accept for incorporate that which “IS” in order to achieve “that which is not yet”. You know. To grow. To flourish. To move FORWARD. A conservative will fight against this natural order to evolve by not just fighting against the evolution of progress, but denying its very existence! Apply this methodology to ANY equation and you will realize how counterproductive Republicans and Conservatives are to the essence of existence. And why? In order to reestablish some faux reality built from fuzzy memories of a used-to-be that never existed, so they can feel warm and tickly inside? What civilization exists now using this template for success? Ask France how well the Maginot Line worked, if you want to test the hypothesis of building an “impenetrable” wall to keep out the scary people. G’head. Ask ’em.

But you can’t argue with stupid. At least not successfully. Republicans today are stupid. I didn’t stutter. They. Are. Stupid. They deny truths to embrace personally manipulated ideologies that give them false promise. They worship the nonexistent while shitting on reality. To accept that cold comfort would be to put a crack in their imaginative foundation, one that would continue to spread with the stresses of time and weathering of reality. So they allow for none. The reason Republicans are what they are today is because of a very few men that recognized that true Conservativism would die a natural death in a free society, so they usurped the power of ignorance from the ignorant and placated the masses with their own weaknesses. It is why the poor and poverty white masses endorse whole-heartedly a party that is diametrically opposed to EVERYTHING they stand for. Because God. Because guns. Because gays. Because minorities. Because foreigners. The rallying cry of the right is a false flag woven from fears and bigotries, manufactured by corporate entities (ironically, by foreigners, of course) and given to idiots to march into the fray, championing the will of the super-rich with the icons of hate stamped on their banner of Nationalism, ironically the same colors of Patriotism, but in colors that DO run.

Trump is become the distilled essence of that Id, in concentrated black-tar form. Potent as he is malignant. Too vain to be fully evil, in that he doesn’t care enough about actively causing pain to others because he doesn’t CARE about anything. Not his base. Not his party. Not his administration. Not even his family. Not their wants or needs. Not their fears or desires. He just wants to bathe in their adoration, or just their attention, regardless of methodology or consequence. He is buffoonery personified. He is a child. He is an idiot of highest order. He isn’t clever and he isn’t nefarious. He’s no fucking Dick Cheney, my friend. He isn’t even George W. Bush. He’s far too stupid and shallow to be the former and far too vapid and unlikeable to be the latter. He is alone in the world, utterly and sadly. And he has unleashed that pall of malice and ickiness upon the rest of the country, leaving the United States alone and sickly while the rest of the world looks at us with a mixture of vile and pity, like a rabid dog or a ebola patient at the airport.

To me, that is far worse than either of those or any power of evil or injustice to have existed, certainly within the power structure of the United States. He is the coalesced vapors of millions of ignorant, hateful, selfish and vain ideologues, Evangelical Christians and the power elite. He is a blank, formless slate, spineless clay molded into whatever they want him to be, whenever they want him to be it. He is their mirror, their unclothed Emperor flaunting his beautiful robes to a salivating horde of obsequious and soulless robots, slave to their own Pavlovian vices at the sounding bell of vanity, drooling a malicious concoction of jealousy, fear and searing hate. Not unlike a rabid dog. Tonight, Trump rang that bell clear and far and set the Right frothing at the mouth. And like a rabid dog, there’s only one thing you can do. God save the rest of us.



3 thoughts on “Another Dick in the Wall

  1. This is why I’ve quit writing about him, mostly. Because we’ve said all this and no one is listening. When he stoops lower, they cheer. When he accidentally says or does the right thing, they say “I told you so”. When we point out any of this, they either walk away or argue stupidly.

    Trump supporters are quickly eroding my faith in humanity. If someone in the future ever asks me “how were you radicalized?”, you can point here, to 2015-2019, at the untold millions praising his name, and that will be the only answer required.

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    1. I second those emotions, Wil. I find myself even now just repeating the same words, the same warnings, the same maddening exasperations. The angst has to go somewhere, though, every once in a while…for what it’s worth.

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