And Now For Something Completely Stupid…

“President Donald Trump signaled on Tuesday he’s prepared to dismiss aides with whom he’s clashed — including national security adviser H.R. McMaster — as he works to surround himself with advisers more aligned with his populist agenda and freewheeling style.”–CNN
Trump has sacrificed yet another lamb upon his altar of cult of personality:  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  This is textbook demagoguery, championed by the cowardly, ignorant and weak who crave attention and power but can offer nothing in the way of progress, welfare or stability to a people or state. Idi Amin. Pol Pot. Benito Mussolini. Kim Jung-Un. Robert Mugabe. Caligula. On and on, tyrannical sociopaths willing to sacrifice everyone and everything for narcissistic puffery.  If Trump were in charge of one of the “shithole” countries he loves to deride, there is no doubt he would out-Qaddafi Qaddafi with the best, most beautiful gold lamé double-breasted military jacket with all the most expensive, huge, gold medals adorning it to show all his countrymen just how much he truly loathes, I mean, ‘er, um, loves them.  The rest of his rule would pretty much look as it does now:  a whole lot of jackshit surrounded by more bullshit and lots and lots of golf. 
Trump is a brewing civil war short of being a war criminal; he and his Trumpkin warmongers would love nothing more than to elevate this shitbag from dictator to Generalissimo tout de suite. This is not colorful hyperbole in any way. I mean this in the stark coldness of the horrible, horrible truth that it is. At this time in our history, we are being ruled by a mad tyrant, with the most fragile of democratic strings keeping him in check. We are one OJ trial type event from shit hitting the fan and, again, I mean that literally and most sincerely.  Gird your loins, John Wayne style, kids.  Some crazy-assed shit is a-comin’. 
I don’t know how many truly appreciate the precariously volatile state our country is in right now with this soulless totem and his spineless and equally malignant co-consipirators, along with the seething horde of idiots that continue to shower adulation in the face of ego-driven ineptitude and malfeasance itching for a fight. There isn’t one aspect of his governance that isn’t riddled with self-aggrandizing nepotism, criminal incompetence and flagrant conflict of interests:  A son-in-law who does somethin’ or ‘nother with a lower clearance level than the White House calligrapher. His goddam caddie as social media director and his fucking wedding planner as the HEAD of New York’s Federal Housing Office!  You can’t make this shit up!  An idiotic anti-school, for-profit fucktard Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, who can’t even talk schools in an interview about schools for about half a damn minute. An even dumber sack of hammers goofus allowing the corporate profiteers to ransack the Department of Energy, Rick “Whoops” Perry, who graduated from Texas A&M with a C average in animal science, a man ironically with absolutely zero understanding of any science and who openly stated if he were president he would get rid of said Energy Dept. Secretary of Housing and Development, Ben Carson, a brain surgeon that truly personifies self-referential satire by illustrating it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to be a brain surgeon, in charge of housing, because…brain surgeon? Scott Pruitt, who has taken the Protection out of the Environmental Protection Agency and put the country up for highest bidder. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State…I mean, ‘er, um, current whipping boy soon to be replaced by a mannequin with an iPad for a head set to FaceTime for any given dumbass willing to give Trump a reach around.
If there were any modicum of humanity or morality left in the third of the country that touted this man as almost the literal new messiah, the chorus of wails and derision borne of betrayal and lies should be louder than Jordan-Hare during the Iron Bowl with :30 seconds left and Auburn up by 4. Instead, the best one hears is nothing. Absolutely nothing. More commonly, though, is the rabid refrain of cheers and the ramping up of vitriolic hate and dumbness from the Right celebrating said regression and ineptitude. More than willing to double-down on their Chosen One, completely comfortable with the selling out of their morals and beliefs to co-opt a phony and dangerous vision of an isolated America, drunk with self-righteous bravado, fueled by fairy tales and .223 rounds from a drum magazine, Conservatives have embraced all that is everything they claim they are not:  fascists, terrorists, idolators, traitors.
If anyone was withholding judgement of Trump, willing to “give him a chance” to prove himself and take him at his word, that time has long past. If anyone can still look at this wispy husk of nothingness and see anything of value still there, then one must conclude they are clinically deluded or outright liars. There is no excusing this man, this nothingness, not before and very not now. This cycle of self-indulgent whimsy and blithering incompetence will at best continue in a whirl of non-accomplishment. More likely, and more injuriously, real trauma awaits our country. Even more than has been already experienced at the helm of this fecal stain on the American historical landscape.
Herr Trump will out all but the most sycophantic of his lapdogs. He will betray all who don’t fully embrace and worship him unconditionally. He will strut and puff about as though he has single-handedly won the world, when in fact he has ostracized us from it and humiliated us in front of it. All the while, his mind-wiped flock of 35% with sugar-glazed eyes and poisoned minds will cheer their own demise, all believing they are off to the promised land right before the grape-flavored cyanide takes effect.  I kind of envy Stephen Hawking for finally voiding this mortal coil and saving himself the shame of watching the death of science and truth in the face of flagrant idiocy while the bastion of democracy consumes itself for vainglorious fantasies.  Now, I turn my head and my hopes to Neil DeGrasse Tyson as de facto leader of steadied reason and the continued quest for truth.  Science save us all.  God knows, Trump sure as hell won’t.

This column dedicated to Dr. Stephen Hawking.  Thank you, sir.  Rest well.



2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Stupid…

  1. I’ve witnessed houses being built in months, and other times I’ve witnessed bulldozers tearing down houses in *minutes*.

    That’s what’s happening here. The country we built over many lifetimes is being dismantled in a couple of years.

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