Donald Trump is a Stupid Moron and So Are You If You Support Donald Trump, You Stupid, Stupid Idiot

“Killing this regulation won’t exactly fulfill Trump’s goal of reversing the coal industry’s decline; that decline has more to do with cheap natural gas than anything else. Instead, Republicans are mostly focusing on this rule because they can. ” – Vox

There is absolutely NO legitimate or constructive reason for either this bill to be presented nor, even less so, to be signed by Trump in any way. None. As the article notes, it will not help the coal industry in any viably economic way. No, what this bill represents is simply the only reason that the Republican party exists now and the only methodology that they can embrace: if THEY be fer it, then WE’s be agin it. That’s it. Simple.

This continuation of anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anti-goodforthecountry policy that defines the GOP is all that is left of their agenda. They have never proffered any real usable change or stimulation that will advance the status of the country, the well-being of the populace nor the recognition of anything other than profit for the wealthy and the powerful other than a giant “Fuck All Y’all” to everyone else, including Mother Earth. It’s this last part, that “Fuck Y’all” attitude, that 1/3-1/2 of the country have embraced to justify their myopically bigoted and belligerently voiced opposition to positive change and continued embracement of policies that actually do themselves even more harm than the bulk of their political counterparts. They gladly sell out their faith and reason so they can throw stones of judgment, hate and fear at the whores of sanity and true freedom, i.e. the rest of us.

Why does the far right, which, to be honest, IS the right, embrace such shittiness, vote for candidates and support actions that actively damage themselves? Again, simple. The bulk of Conservatives are stupid, stupid idiots. That’s right. I did not stutter. I say it loudly and clearly with no regret, hyperbole or irony: Conservatives are a stupid people.

What defines a stupid person? Well, for one, willingly allowing yourself to be viciously raped over and over again while being told by your rapist, “Hey, don’t let that guy over there rape you, cuz you know he will.” That is an objectively stupid person. A person who can’t fucking recognize instinctual danger, or worse, willingly dismiss or excuse it, is a stupid person. To do so for such vapid rewards as political legitimacy to openly embrace harmful policies, brutal evilness disguised as legitimate truisms, and attempt to enforce one’s own delusions of faith and pineal hate is even stupider.

Conservatives, as a biological entity, should not exist. But because they are people and not “uncivilized” wild beasts, nature is stymied at her attempt to cull them, despite the desperate need for a mass culling. Man has that privilege, having gained enough intelligence to alter his destiny while at the same time not enough to appreciate the damage other living things, or those things upon which living things subsist, may incur because of it. Anybody else, nature wouldn’t play that shit. It’d be bye, bye, thanks for playing Darwin’s Roulette…next contestant please. Oooh, Avians…I see you’re still in the running. Wanna have a go?

Or does she? Nature will have her revenge, no doubt. But on by HER clock, not ours. By that time, she will be pissed as hell and she’s going to go all medieval on all of us with no distinction between party lines or political narrative, or stupidity factor for that matter. She won’t give the rest of us props for trying to stem the tide of ignorance while laying waste to fuck all around us. Nope, she’s gonna clean house but good and shake us off like a freshly shampooed Golden Retriever.

Anyone familiar with the biology of populations and a “J” curve vs. an “S” curve reality understand that we are, and have been, right on the cusp of whether we as a civilizations will equilibrate and continue a long-term survival via the “S” curve, versus a rather immediate and vicious plunge into mass-extinction via “J” curve. You can probably guess which status I feel we are headed towards. There’s a reason I’m a cynic.

But what about the between-time until then? Well, get ready for more stupid shit like this. Trump’s already stockpiled the worst of the worst available candidates into every position he’s bothered with filling. So much for all this “swamp drainage” I kept hearing about. But, of course, a stupid person thinks that that is exactly what Trump is doing. You know. Because they’re STUPID.

As long as stupid Conservatives value the chance to spew derogatory vitriol without consequence; as long as the right longs to bathe in the glory of their self-righteous bat-shit insanity; as long as actually smart Conservatives keep thinking the days of Barry Goldwater are just around the corner if only they stick it out a little longer or are just too fucking cowardly to stand up against outright flakey, retarded Evangelical kooko-banana-world tyrannical suppression of truth and righteousness at the highest levels of our country; as long as “Christians” continue to delude themselves that they are embracing the tenants and teachings of Christ, or even better, that that should even fucking MATTER in the FIRST goddam place in a free society; as long as the rich love pissing on the rest of us and poor Conservatives think golden showers are worth the ticket to flout their hate and judgement upon others, then what are we to do? The earth couldn’t give a fuck what we believe…she’ll have her way, dammit. She’s only middle aged and she’s got a WHOOOOOLE lotta dancin’ left.

At this point, any legitimate claim from anyone saying or thinking that Trump is a positive force of ANY kind in ANY way for ANYthing is so far deluded they will never see reason, at all. “Never ever?” No, never ever. They are lost, forever. I can guarantee you that. You will never be able to argue with any person that ensconced in their own filth of irrationality. Nothing will persuade them, nothing will sway them, nothing will help them, nothing will reason with them, nothing will ever save them. They are gone, brother. And I mean gone. Maaaaaybe if they were to suffer severe pain directly via their own political hubris, as is required by a Republican to understand empathy and the value of a free society or individual that ISN’T them or a loved one. But even then, I’m sure it would be a “God’s will” moment for them or whatever bullshit one feeds themselves to obscure the reality that they themselves are the ones to blame for all the shit happening to and around them and not an invisible hoofed satyr prancing just out of reach off their shoulder. Cuz that’s just fucking stupid.

P.S. I fucking HATE you, Trump, you nutless sack of feces. Damn it!



1 thought on “Donald Trump is a Stupid Moron and So Are You If You Support Donald Trump, You Stupid, Stupid Idiot

  1. While no reasonable person can disagree with *some* of your points here (“There is absolutely NO legitimate or constructive reason for… this bill”), I must depart ways on several other points.

    1. “Stupid” / “Idiot”. As you know, stupidity and ignorance denote a lack of intelligence. Saying conservatives are stupid is saying it’s not their fault. It’s granting them a justifiable moral excuse for the horrid things they say and do. “Oh, they can’t help it, bless their hearts; they’re just stupid.” I cannot agree. Many of them are easily intelligent enough to reason their way out of the boxes in which they secure themselves; they simply *won’t*. This makes them WILLFULLY IGNORANT, which is a sight more damnable than stupidity.

    2. “Nature will have her revenge…” This anthropomorphization of nature again gives conservatives a moral excuse. It places a choice and burden of proof on an entity not known to have that capacity. Rather I would place that burden on the conservatives themselves. They are well aware of simple concepts like cause-and-effect. If you push a tower of wooden blocks, the tower will come crashing down. It’s not the tower’s fault, or gravity’s fault, or the floor’s fault — the tower was fine until you pushed it. In the same way, much of what “nature” will do to us (and IS doing to us) is not *nature’s* fault, but OUR fault. This wasn’t known 500 years ago, but it’s known NOW. It is collectively humanity’s fault that we got this far. And it is conservatives’ fault what will happen in the future (because they’re actively fighting *against* solutions).

    In other words, if we end up swallowing our own sewage, this isn’t Nature’s fault; it’s ours. If we end up migrating toward the poles because of global warming, that’s not Nature “getting her revenge”, that’s US, fleeing the wooden tower of blocks that we KNOWINGLY knocked over.

    3. “…the desperate need for a mass culling…” Can we agree that this language is problematic? There is a huge difference between “let’s all use birth control so half of our potential future children won’t be born” and “let’s kill half of living children”. In the same way, “culling” strongly implies “getting rid of” or “excising” — something I can’t espouse.

    If you were referring to conservative *ideology* rather than conservative people, I think you’re a good enough writer that you could clarify this point.

    That’s about it for my three cents’ worth. (I’m upper middle class; I’m damn well entitled to three cents, dammit.)


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